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Turkmenistan – The Best 2018 Travel Destination for History Lovers!

After a series of TV programmes about tourism and travel, spectators of the Italian TV channel “Rai Tre” voted Turkmenistan as the best travel destination in the “history” category. They suggest that Turkmenistan is very rich in extraordinary historic sites, dating from as early as the Bronze Age (Altyn Depe and Margiana) to Parthian period Old Nisa and numerous priceless monuments of the Medieval period. Subscribers of the channel admitted that Turkmenistan really is a treasury of Silk Road relics, capable to satisfy the tastes of the most sophisticated history explorers.

Presidential palace in Ashgabad

Programs of routes

Sightseeing in Turkmenistan


Program №2 “By the Great Silk road”

Duration: 8 days/7 nights
Time of implementation:
Whole year


Program №3 “By the Great Silk road”

Duration: 6 days/5 nights
Time of implementation:
Whole year


Exotic places of West Turkmenistan

Duration: 16 days/15 nights
Extent: 2000km. (1000km. off-road)
Time of implementation:
1st of March - 1st of June
1st of September - 15th of November