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We invite you to visit Neutral Independent Turkmenistan - one of the most ancient cultural centers of Asia. This travel will leave at you unforgettable impressions. The history of Turkmenistan leaves the roots in depth of centuries. For many years the Turkmen ground saw blossoming and decline of great civilizations, suffered from ruthless conquerors. Up to now traces of those epochs were kept. We shall help you to open for ourselves the Ancient East: to see all magnificence of Parthia, great empire Horezmshahov, to visit on Native land Zoroastrism - Ancient Merv, to visit the fifth center of a civilization - Margiana (the Ancient country Margush); to get acquainted with national traditions and a life of Turkmen people, to take pleasure in great miracle - magnificent Turkmen carpets and graceful Ahal-Teke racers, to hear mysterious myths and legends, to plunge into magic music Karakum of sand. The architecture of Turkmenistan will stun you: Traditions of medieval architecture and modern town-planning intertwine in new buildings of Neutral Independent Turkmenistan.

If you wish to plunge into an atmosphere of the Mysterious East, this travel is for you. Visit everyone a corner, and let this fairy tale remains in your life for ever.

«Dag Syyahat» Tourist Company, the leading private tour operator in Turkmenistan, began catering to thousands of tourists from Europe, Asia and other countries of all over the world in 1998 offering a wide range of services. Our company serves its clients and carries out incoming tourism activities for foreigners wishing to visit Turkmenistan and outgoing tourism activities for citizens of Turkmenistan writhing to travel abroad as well.

Our Company, being based on the professional staff, is capable to solve tasks at a level of the world standards and has an opportunity to offer all range of tourist services, such as:

  • Visa support providing (invitation);
  • Accommodation;
  • Transfers, internal flights air tickets purchases;
  • Professional guides, translators, instructors - conductors;
  • European cuisine, national cuisine;
  • Organization of folk shows (folk performances in national costumes, songs, dances, ancient Turkmen music, and a revue on Akhalteke racers);
  • Transportation (buses, minibuses, minivans, motor vehicles of various models);
  • Organization of excursions, tourist routes across Turkmenistan, both for groups of foreign quests, and for the individuals;
  • The organization of mountain routs on foothills of Kopet Dagh mountain and sand of Kara Kum desert (on horse back or on foot) accompanied by the experienced instructors;
  • The organization excursion tours along the “Great Silk Road” (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, China, and Russia);

We are successfully co-operating, with various foreign tourist companies in Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, China, Germany, Thailand, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Iran.

We are always pleased to see every customer. Our well-trained staff and active attitude towards the tourism industry help us to gain the trust of our clients.

We are opening new spheres of business all over the world with other agencies that are interested in assisting people to discover a new independent and neutral country of Turkmenistan.